School Resources during the COVID 19 Closure

School Materials that you can download and also get access to teacher contact info.
Posted on 04/24/2020
This is the image for the news article titled School Materials that you can download and also get access to teacher contact info.Below are updated resources provided by your child's teachers to keep them engaged in learning.This information will be updated weekly. They are arranged by week, grade and subject. If you have any questions, please call your teacher at the number provided.

Remember that teachers are holding virtual "office hours" from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM each weekday morning. You may call at other times but your call may not be answered immediately. Please leave a message and your call will be returned within 24 hours

Below you will find a list of contact numbers and emails for your students teachers.

New Number      Last Name First Name    Cell Phone Email

*318-501-3930    AMOS MELISSA

318-501-3931    BRUCE ASHLEY

*318-501-3932    BRYAN TAYLOR

*318-501-3933    BULLOCK HONNY

*318-501-3934    CANTIN RACHEL

*318-501-3935    CLARK CHAD

*318-501-3936    CLARK VALARIE

*318-501-3937    COENEN MELISSA

*318-501-3940    CURTIS LOLA 

*318-501-3944    EZELL DANN

*318-501-3945    EZELL MELISSA

*318-501-3946    FOOTE JEREMY

*318-501-3947    GEORGE TERESA

*318-501-3948    GIVENS JENNIFER

*318-501-3949    GRAY RACHEL

318-501-3950    Cleveland Crystal

*318-501-3951    HANKINS JULIE

*318-488-3098    HATTEN JOHN

*318-501-3952    HENDRY CAROL

*318-501-3954    JILES BESSIE

*318-501-3955    KELLY PEGGY

*318-501-3956    LACOMBE PAM

*318-501-3957    LANDRY BETH

*318-501-3958    LUPO NORA

*318-501-3959    MARTINDALE REBEKAH

*318-501-3960    MAXWELL WHITNEY

*318-501-3961    MCCALL MELANIE

*318-501-3962    MYERS-DAVIS TABATHA

*318-501-3963    NIX BRAD

*318-501-3964    NORRIS JARAD

*318-501-3965    PARKER RHONDA

*318-501-3967    PENICK KRISTIE

*318-501-3968    PHILLEY JANET

*318-501-3970    RALEY JORDAN 

*318-501-3972    REESE JESSICA

*318-501-3974    SENN SARA

*318-501-3975    SHERRILL AMY

*318-501-3976    SINGLETON BRYAN

*318-501-3977    SINGLEY WESTON

318-501-3978    SMITH SHANDRA

*318-501-3979    TAYLOR ERIN

*318-501-3980    TAYLOR SUSAN

*318-501-3981    VANHOOSE KIPCHOGE

*318-501-3982    VAN MOL MARY

*318-501-3984    VIDRINE ERIC

*318-501-3985    WHITLEY CONNIE

*318-501-3986    WINSTEAD CHRIS

*318-501-3987    WOMACK JULIE