End of the Year 2019-2020

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding End of the Year 2019-2020
Posted on 05/18/2020
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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Delhi Charter School has had to revise the promotion and retention guidelines set forth in our pupil progression plan. These changes were made based on guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE).

When will distance learning for my child end?
Distance learning for your child officially ended Friday, May 15 th.
How will I receive my child’s final report card?
Final report cards will be mailed the week of June 1, if all textbooks, library books, Chromebooks, and outstanding fees have been taken care of.
How will I receive my child’s belongings from their locker or desk?
Teachers cleaned out students’ lockers and desks and bagged up their personal belongings. Check with your child’s homeroom teacher before making the trip to be sure that
your child has something to pick up. These belongings have been placed in a bag and labeled with the student’s name and
grade. These items will be available for pick on May 21 st between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Parents of students in grades 1-5 will pick up materials from Amber Hall. There will be a teacher at the door that you will give your child’s name and homeroom teacher to and s/he will retrieve the materials and bring them to you. Grades 6-11 will pick up their items in a similar fashion from the gym. Please ensure that you maintain social distancing when waiting your turn. (Parents of students in both grade configurations must go to both Amber Hall and the
What if my child has textbooks or library books that need to be returned?
Textbooks and library books should be returned on May 21 st between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Outstanding lunch fees may also be paid on that date.
How will my child receive a grade for the 4th nine weeks?
In order to determine your child’s grade for the 4th nine weeks, we will average the first, second and third nine weeks grades together to determine their final average.
Will my child automatically pass for the year?
No, a child will not automatically pass a course for the year because of the COVID-19 epidemic. If your child had failing grades for the first 3 nine-week grading periods, then there is a chance that they may be retained. The SBLC team will convene to review a student’s performance on classroom assignments, course grades, IRLA levels (if applicable) and assessments from the first three nine-week grading periods. Additional information that may be used will be past state assessment scores and other pertinent information for those students who are in danger of failing. Using this preponderance of evidence, the SBLC team will determine if the child is eligible for promotion or should be retained. A letter will be included with the report cards if your child is being retained.