K-12 Back to School Questionnaire

K-12 Back to School Questionnaire
Posted on 07/14/2020
This is the image for the news article titled K-12 Back to School QuestionnaireIf you have not already completed this Back to School Questionnaire,  please do so immediately.  We must have a response for each student in grades K-12.  If you have already provided us with your information, we appreciate it and no additional information is needed from you at this time.  

The deadline has been extended to July 10.  Again, if you have a student in grades K-2 or if you did not complete this survey on your child in grades 3-12, please do so immediately.   

This questionnaire was initially opened up to only students in grades 3-12.  However, we are considering offering students in grades K-2 the option for a 100% Virtual Learning option.  However, it is HIGHLY recommended that students in grades K-2 attend campus classes for face-to-face instruction.  Students in K-2 are building foundational skills and we feel that this is only adequately accomplished by students having regular and structured interactions with educational professionals. 

As we all know, the 20-21 school year will look very different.  We are offering a 100% Virtual Learning option for students in grades 3-12 for those who would prefer not to come to campus.  (This is not to be confused with the distance learning approach that was used after the school closure in March.)   All DCS students will be provided with a Chromebook to use at home for the duration of this school year, but this device remains property of DCS. 

The 100% Virtual Learning option means that your child would receive all of his/her instruction from DCS teachers through a platform called Schoology.  Attendance will be mandatory and the regular calendar/daily schedule must be followed.  Students will log in, follow their daily schedule and interact with teachers virtually.  Students participating in this option will be required to complete all the same assignments and will be responsible for all the same assessments as students that attend classes on campus.  

This decision is good for the entire 2020-2021 school year.  Students will not be allowed to move into and out of the 100% Virtual Learning option throughout the year.  When considering this option, please consider your internet capabilities.  While we will do our best to assist you with obtaining internet service, it may not be possible in all areas that we serve.  

If you have any questions regarding what this option means for you and your child, please call the school at 318-878-0433 and further explanations will be provided.

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